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Internal Door Handle Replacement Costs & Free Quotes

Are you looking for an affordable way to replace the internal door handles in your home? You’ve come to the right place! We provide a comprehensive comparison of different options available when it comes to replacing and repairing your internal door handles. Not only can you research average prices, but also get free quotes from tradesmen in your local area.

Average UK Internal Door Handle Replacement Costs

Replacing an internal door handle can be a quick and easy task, but the cost can vary depending on the type of handle you choose. Here is a breakdown of average costs for various types of internal door handles in the UK:

Type of Handle Average Cost
Standard Lever Handle £10-£20
Designer Lever Handle £20-£50
Knob Handle £10-£20
Pull Handle £10-£30
Keyed Handle £20-£40
Electronic Handle £50-£100
Backplate Handle £20-£40

Please note that these costs are approximate and may vary depending on your location and the specific handle you choose.

Factors that Affect the Cost of New Door Handles

There are several key factors which will affect your overall budget, and therefore possibly your choice of handle:

  • Material of the door handle - The type of material used for the door handle can affect the cost of replacement. For example, a brass door handle may be more expensive than a plastic one.
  • Size of the door handle - The larger the size of the door handle, the more expensive it may be to replace.
  • Type of door handle - The type of door handle, such as a lever handle or a knob, can affect the cost of replacement. A lever handle may be more expensive than a knob due to the added mechanism.
  • Finish of the door handle - The finish of the door handle, such as brushed nickel or chrome, can affect the cost. A door handle with a more intricate finish may be more expensive to replace.
  • Location of the door - The location of the door, such as an external or internal door, can affect the cost of replacement. External doors may require more durable and weather-resistant door handles, which can increase the cost.
  • Labor costs - The cost of labor to replace the door handle can vary depending on the company or individual performing the work.
  • Brand of the door handle - The brand of the door handle can affect the cost of replacement. A high-end brand may be more expensive to replace than a generic brand.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of handles can be used to replace an internal door handle?

Internal door handles come in a variety of styles, including lever latch, bathroom, and dummy levers. Lever latches are the most common type; these feature a curved handle attached to the spindle that operates the latch mechanism. Bathroom locks have either a keyhole or thumbturn function and are commonly found on bathrooms or utility rooms. Dummy levers are purely decorative and do not operate any locking mechanism or latch.

What tools will I need for replacing an internal door handle?

You'll need some basic hand tools such as a screwdriver, hammer, chisel, drill bit (if drilling is required), ruler/tape measurer and file/sandpaper if needed for adjusting the fit of your new handle. Additionally you may need some specialist equipment such as an adjustable spanner if fitting certain types of handles which require specific nuts on their spindles.

How much should I expect to pay for new internal door handles?

The cost of replacement internal door handles varies depending on factors such as material quality and design complexity but typically range from £10-£50 per unit plus extra costs associated with labour fees unless you choose to install them yourself.

What is Involved in Replacing an Internal Door Handle?

When replacing an internal door handle, it’s important to make sure that you measure accurately before purchasing new hardware; some doors may require different sizes of handle than others due to their age or construction material used when installed originally. Additionally, installation requires removal of the existing handle and its associated screws before affixing the new one into place with its own fittings such as latch plates and escutcheons if necessary. It's important to ensure that all components fit correctly prior to installing them onto the door itself as they will likely not be able to be adjusted once they have been secured in place with screws or nails etc.

Is Professional Assistance Needed When Replacing Internal Door Handles?

Whilst replacing internal door handles isn't necessarily a difficult job, it is important that it is done properly so as not to cause any damage or security issues within your home environment; therefore having professional assistance can often be beneficial when changing out old handles for newer ones - particularly if they are being replaced with models which require specialist tools during installation (e.g., mortise locks). This can help avoid costly mistakes during installation which could potentially compromise your security further down the line!

What Tools Do I Need for Installing New Internal Door Handles?

The exact list of tools required will depend on what type of internal door handle you choose but generally speaking most installations will require at least a flat-head screwdriver, Phillips head screwdriver and/or adjuster tool (for adjusting where necessary), hammer/mallet for tapping any loose parts into place securely and possibly even some lubricant depending on how sticky/loose the current mechanism is! If you're unsure then always consult a professional who should let you know exactly what tools are needed beforehand so there aren't any surprises.

Where Can I Buy Replacement Internal Door Handles From?

Replacement internal door handles can be purchased from local hardware stores, DIY stores like B&Q or Homebase , online retailers like Amazon and eBay, specialist suppliers such as Ironmongery Direct et al., trade shows/fairs etc... Many companies also offer free quotes prior to purchase should you need more information about certain brands or styles before buying them outright – just make sure everything fits correctly prior to committing.

Are There Any Safety Considerations When Installing A New Handle?

Yes – safety should always come first when dealing with electrical appliances & fixtures alike; therefore ensuring that all components fit correctly together without causing risk of injury through incorrect assembly procedure is essential (e.g., wiring must be handled carefully). Furthermore other precautionary measures such as testing out newly installed handles after installation by operating them several times whilst wearing protective gloves may also help reduce potential risks in future use too!

Can I Install My Own Internal Door Handle Without Professional Help?

Yes – if confident enough then DIY replacement options are certainly possible although bear in mind this task does involve working closely around live wires which means extra caution needs taken throughout every step especially where adjustments might need made via exposed wiring connections (such as those found behind light switches) – please seek professional advice if uncertain about anything throughout process regardless though!.

How Long Does It Take To Replace An Interior Door Handle?

Depending upon type chosen & level skill required by installer – anywhere from 10 minutes up 2 hours+ would generally suffice however more complex models may take longer due to additional features built within e.g. mortise locks requiring handsaw cutting / drilling etc. Always allow plenty extra time just incase.

Are Intruder Alarms Affected By Changing Out Existing Interior Door Handles?

Generally speaking no however best practice would suggest checking system settings directly beforehand just incase - especially where wireless alarms utilised since these types tend rely heavily upon sensor detection rather than direct physical contact being maintained between two surfaces continuously throughout entire operation cycle.