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Fitted Wardrobe Costs & Free Quotes

Last Updated on December 20, 2019 By Dave

If you love changing the appearance of your bedroom, one way to achieving this is by having the installation of fitted wardrobes. As much as the freestanding wardrobes are flexible to transfer to any part of the room, they usually waste much space compared to the fitted ones.

The standalone wardrobes mostly collect dust at their tops. It, therefore, contributes to time-wastage whenever cleaning the room. It only takes a little effort, time, and money to install the fully-fitted wardrobes. This will result in the ultimate saving of the housecleaning time.

Most homeowners typically believe that they will save much cash by performing a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) permanent wardrobe installation. However, most of them do not understand that such a task can only be made easier by leaving it to the experts.

We will discuss below why such a task as installing a fitted-wardrobe best suits professionals, together with the price approximation needed to have the installations done in your room, by the experts.

Factors Concerning DIY Installation of Fitted Wardrobes

Presently, whenever you choose fitted wardrobe units, there are various shapes, styles, layouts, sizes, and colours available in your interest. Homeowners, therefore, base their choices on personal preferences, as well as the practicality of their rooms. Otherwise, you can select wardrobes of almost any size and design.

Furthermore, many companies nowadays provide this service. However, choosing the right company to install the wardrobe for you can be a daunting task. Nonetheless, this should never be the case for you whenever you request quotes via our website. This is because we deal with highly experienced business professionals and certified companies only.

Mostly, the companies that offer the wardrobe installation services also give free consultation services and wardrobe designs to any interested party. You can, therefore, make a sober decision with regards to the wardrobe style, design, and colour. The end result is satisfaction for the kind of wardrobe that will be installed in your home.

newly fitted wardrobes in a bedroom

Once you are content with the design and unit dimensions, you can choose the company that helped you make your final choice, or try out a DIY installation. Still, the DIY option is not the best alternative since you will miss out on specialized equipment needed to install the fitted wardrobes appropriately.

Homeowners often think that they will save much by installing the wardrobes on their own. They assume that professional installation alone is a cost that can be easily avoided. Nevertheless, whenever you choose a DIY approach of installing a fitted wardrobe, it results in time wastage since you will almost always need a professional to step in and either correct the work done or even starts the entire installation from scratch. Hence, labour costs increase, rather than if the homeowner would have involved an expert from the start.

Additional Advantages of a DIY Wardrobe Installation

Even with an accurate list of measurements, errors will always arise, especially with the process of board-cutting. The boards will, therefore, have to be cut again for correct sizing. Still, it will also need professional tools to ensure a perfect looking end-result.

Generally, installing fitted-wardrobes is not cheap. It is, thus, better to pay professionals and have them cut and installed correctly, rather than wasting money and efforts doing what will still need some professional touch in the long run.

Sometimes, the walls where the wardrobes will be installed may be uneven. In this case, the boards have to be custom-made to prevent awkward gaps between the walls and the fitted wardrobes. An expert will take such a situation into a quick account, whereas a DIY-installer will discover the problem only after several failed attempts to install the cut boards appropriately.

Costs Approximation of Fitted Wardrobe Units

When it comes to designing and installing fitted wardrobes, there are several options available. Cost approximations of some popular fitted wardrobe options are as below:

Sliding-Door Wardrobes

Such units are often installed in rooms with unlimited spaces. It makes the doors to slide open and sideways, rather than swinging outwards. Mirrors can be placed on these doors to form a misapprehension of space, and especially with a smaller room. The cost for a perfectly designed and fitted wardrobe with a sliding door can range between $2500 and $4000. However, the final cost depends upon the ultimate finishing.

Three-Door Fitted Wardrobes

A tailor-made unit with three opening doors costs around £1650 to £2300. Extra features include slide-out drawer parts, shoe racks, clothe hanging rails, and several mouldings alternatives. The more the customisations, the higher the costs will be.

Tailor-made Closet with Two Sections

This type of fitted wardrobe is the most common choice for many. It can be constructed into several colour choices and finishes. The costs for such units range from £2300 onwards.

The valuable aspect of fitted wardrobes is that; they will remain intact as long as you live in that particular house. It is, therefore, worth it to not focus so much on the pricing, but rather the quality. It is best to seek referrals from reliable and highly regarded joinery companies and installers.

To obtain quotes from trades people and professional joineries for fitted wardrobe installation in your home, you simply fill in our contact form. One or several companies will get in touch with you for an area evaluation of where you need the wardrobe unit to be installed. Afterward, we will issue quotes to you, where you will realise a quick and professional installation job done to your satisfaction.

Six-Door Closet Unit

Such a unit is best for homes with more than average-sized bedrooms. Their sizes are usually standardised, with 3, 8 metres. The three sections inside the unit normally include a part for hanging clothes, another for drawers where you can store things like undergarments, and a shelve partition which you can store items like handbags, shoes, or other huge pieces.

The six-door closet units are usually costly. Prices start from just below £3800. The final pricing also bases on the wardrobe’s selected height and design, plus the materials and finishes that an individual decides. Still, whatever model you choose, the results will still be impressive.