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Information About Building Quotes

Firstly, many thanks for visiting the Building Quotes website... a small, family owned and run site dedicated to providing accurate, up-to-date information and cost guides about all things home improvement. We set the site up in 2019 to provide a resource or hub of information covering all aspects of home improvement, for everyone. Having searched the internet for similar resources we concluded that there wasn't a decent, single place where you could get valuable information about your chosen work, average prices and the ability to save yourself money in one go. The information we found was tired, not particularly helpful and had prices that weren't relevant any more. We set out to change that with the simple, but highly effective Building Quotes website.

Our approach was simple... to compile a collection of guides for the most popular home improvement projects carried out by UK residents. We categorised them into easy-to-find sections including roofing, electrics, gardening and even securing your home. We set out a guideline that each guide would be informative, impartial and collate as much useful information and tips as possible, whilst trying to provide accurate average costs for a variety of job options (keeping in mind that prices fluctuate across the country).

So typically in each of our cost guides you will come across:

  1. How long your chosen work is likely to take... whether that's in a professional or DIY manner so there are no unexpectedly long durations.
  2. Details of the main aspects of the job you are considering so you can head into it fully prepared for the work that is to be carried out.
  3. A comprehensive cost guide, showing average prices across a variety of possible combinations to give you the bigger picture.
  4. Convenient ways that you can save yourself some money on the job, whether it's by carrying out the work yourself or hiring a professional for less by comparing quotes.
  5. Elements that will in turn affect the overall price you pay. All jobs will come with options that could affect your overall budget so it's good to know in advance.

Who are the Building Quotes team?

Dave (that's me!) actually started the website way back in 2010... and since then it has undergone a number of changes both in appearance and approach. Originally designed as a place to get free quotes from local tradesmen, it now focuses on providing free cost guides for as many common (and not so common!) home improvement projects as possible. So whether you're looking to carry out some work yourself, or are looking to hire a professional we're confident our website will be a useful resource for you, and we add to it all the time to ensure the content is still as relevant as when it was first published.

If during your browsing you don't find the information or guide you're looking for, be sure to get in touch with us and we'll look at adding it as soon as possible. Your input really is vital in helping is grow.

Do we still arrange free quotes?

Yes! Though the overall focus of the website has shifted to providing free home improvement cost guides, we still access a leading UK network of tradesmen and can arrange free quotes for any home improvement work in seconds. In fact, if you would like to receive some free quotes it's as simple as completing our short online form. We help arrange free quotes every single day to hundreds of UK residents looking to save themselves both time and money. The quotes themselves come direct from local companies that have been screened and rated by Quotatis who operate the leading network. For your convenience we've included some buttons on each page to link direct to the quote form.