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The Cost of Scaffolding & Free Quotes

Last Updated on December 16, 2019 By Dave

Larger, more specialised scaffolding units are often required for bigger do-it-yourself (DIY) projects. While contractors generally have scaffolding on hand, these units are usually smaller than what is necessary for completing these types of projects. Attempting to use a regular ladder for these bigger undertakings is even worse. Using one is impractical and could make project completion quite dangerous. This is why, when faced with more advanced projects, it is wise to shop around for specialised scaffolding.

scaffolding erected on a UK home

What is Scaffolding?

Scaffolding is a system of temporary platforms, made up of wooden or metal planks and steel poles, that are movable. It can be assembled and adjusted to various heights, so that workers can conveniently and safely work wherever necessary. Scaffolding can be used either indoors or outdoors and is useful in major renovation and remodelling work, as well as for routine maintenance in difficult to reach spots. Suppliers offer accessories, like handrails, ladders and other useful items, that make completing difficult jobs in awkward places possible.

What Determines the Cost of Scaffolding?

The cost of renting or purchasing scaffolding is determined by a myriad of considerations that include, among other things:

  1. Height Requirements: The price of scaffolding increases with its required height.
  2. Number of Walking Levels: Larger projects, like those involving entire buildings, require more levels, while smaller undertakings take far fewer. Of course, scaffolding with more walking levels cost more.
  3. Length of Rental Period: Suppliers generally rent out scaffolding on a weekly basis, so you can get it for one week, up to the amount of time you need it for. However, on average, rental times are between six and eight weeks. With that said, the longer the rental period, the higher the price.
  4. Rental Location: Where you rent scaffolding greatly impacts its price. In more urban centers rentals tend to be much more expensive, whereas in the countryside they are much cheaper. Perhaps, the most extreme example of this is the price difference between a London and a rural Scotland or Wales rental, where prices could likely differ by as much as 300%.
  5. Ease of Workspace Access: If it is easier to erect scaffolding at your work location, it will likely be cheaper to rent. The opposite is true for sites where it's more difficult and takes longer to assemble scaffolding.
  6. Impacting Public Access on Public Property: Any scaffolding that you want erected on public property, like a roadway or street, could cause traffic or otherwise impede public access. Therefore, the scaffolding suppliers will be required to obtain an expensive licence from the local council, prior to starting their work. This added expense will be passed along to you, making your rental much more expensive.
  7. Other Special Considerations: Any time you require scaffolding constructed on land that isn't private and/or over special or difficult features, there is a good chance your rental will be more expensive. For example, suppliers that have to build up and over a glass conservatory, pathways or other such features, will charge more for their scaffolding.

Always Comparison Shop Quotes Prior to Renting

We earnestly suggest that you always get at least three quotes prior to agreeing to any rental; never simply accept the first price offered. This could potentially save you a lot of money. Continue reading to see what scaffolding rental prices you should expect for certain jobs and situations.

  • Gutter Repairs: Be aware that suppliers prefer renting out scaffolding for bigger jobs, so they may charge you more for just doing a small job, like working on the gutter of a single tower. With that said, you can generally expect a scaffolding rental for gutter repair to cost between £250 and £450 in central London. It could be between £200 and £300 in outlying areas.
  • Chimney Repair: Chimney repair requires that scaffolding be wrapped around the outside of your chimney, so that workers can safely access the area. Prices for doing all this are usually between £700 and £950 in central London and in the range of £600 and £750 in areas further away from the city center.
  • Specialised Bridging Over a Conservatory Area: Special equipment is needed and additional dangers are involved when constructing scaffolding over and around a house's glass conservatory. In London, such work will cost between £600 and £750. It will be much cheaper, between £350 and £600, in areas outside of London.
  • Semi-Detached Property Work: Semi-detached property work, including installations, routine maintenance and roofing, requires that scaffolding cover the building's three sides, up to its gutters. The scaffolding will have one walkway level all around those three sides. In London, this is rather pricey and costs between £900 and £1,200. Outside of London, this service could be as low as £700 and as high as £900.


While scaffolding are seemingly simple structures, made with just a few simple materials, they serve a big function. They can mean the difference between getting a job done effectively and efficiently and it being an insurmountable nightmare. There are several factors that determine the pricing of these structures that aid home construction, repair and maintenance. These factors are fairly straightforward and clearly result from the additional costs incurred by suppliers. Perhaps, the only really shocking one concerns the cost differences between rentals in London and those in outlying areas. However, these are mostly due to higher demand and various additional taxes, fees and expenses.

The average homeowner likely views scaffolding rental as an outrageously pricey service, filled with hidden expenses. However, by renting scaffolding, they are actually getting their construction, repair and maintenance work done much more quickly and efficiently. In the long-run, this is saving them a lot of money on other services. Additionally, they are ensuring that workers can safely access areas that need to be worked on. Considering this, we invite you to fill in our contact form today and find out more about having scaffolding installed at your worksite.