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Garage Construction – How Much Does It Cost?

Last Updated on December 30, 2019 By Dave

There are different factors that contribute to the cost required to build a garage. They include the estimated size of the garage, the depth of foundation required, the type of roof to be installed, the material used, and much more.In the UK, brick garages are more popular because they can easily blend with the existing brickwork and have a lengthy lifespan. When calculating the approximate cost of building a brick garage, we must highly consider the use of these premises. For garages built solely for cars and tools, a single skin wall will suffice. However, garages that might later be converted into a habitable room, double skinned walls are more ideal.

As mentioned earlier, the roof will also contribute to the overall cost. If you are on a budget, a flat roof could lower costs. Secondly, the number of doors and windows to be installed also matter a lot.

With £12,500, you can build a standard brick garage with a flat roof and a single door. This is also inclusive of a foundation. If you are considering a double garage, the price is going to increase. And, it keeps on adding up if you include electric doors or even a change in landscaping.

Average Garage Construction Costs

A pitched roof single garage can cost £14,500, whereas a double garage with a pitched roof can cost you £24,500. If you opt for a double garage with a flat roof, the cost will be lower and can range from £20,000 to £21,500.

newly built garage on a UK home

Costs Breakdown

First, the digging and filling of foundation in the garage space is going to cost you £2,650. To remove the soil from the premise, you will pay £450. To have cement poured on the slab, an extra £2,450 will be required. Roof installation will then start with the placement of roof timbers, which goes for £1,200. The roof will need to be covered with tiles, which is about £2,000. £1,900 for the installation of drainage systems and gutters. Wiring, installation of sockets, and switches will cost £700. Windows and electric door installation requires an additional £3,600. Finally, the beautification of your garage and the installation of security features will cost you £1,200.

This breakdown doesn’t include the VAT and amounts to £20,650. Please be informed that this price might increase due to the requirements of a planning permission as well as the need for architectural services.

Key Aspects that Contribute to The Cost of Building a Bridge

Thickness and Depth of The Foundation Slab

What type of soil is in your property? This will determine the thickness and depth of the foundation slab. There are some soils that will require more cement and concrete than others.

The Roof You Wish to Install

The type of roofing you wish to install also matters. A pitched roof looks more appealing, and it’s stronger. However, it requires more material and labor to build. A flat roof is the most affordable option but won’t last as long as its counterpart.

The Wall to be Constructed

Basic garages feature single skin walls. This only applies if it’s going to store vehicles and other tools. Later on, should you consider to transform your garage into a living room, you might want to consider a double skin wall.

Electrical Components and Drainage

Wiring of your garage is mandatory if you are considering having an electric door. The cabling should be done underground for safety purposes. At the same time, power points and light fixtures should be installed. Being a new structure, a drainage system can be placed to drain water.

Landscaping and Design

Most garages take up the space that was used as a driveway. Therefore, after completion, the area must be landscaped to give your home an elegant look. The length of the driveway could be extended, and you can add some finishing touches.

Constructing Cement Pre-Fab Garages

Another popular type of garage is the cement prefab garages. They are quite strong and very fast to build. A cement prefab garage guarantees many years of service, and it can be built in at most three days.

The pricing is as follows. It will cost more at least £9,500 to build a single garage with a tiled pitch roof. For a double garage with a similar roof, it will cost £16,500.

Constructing Steel Garages

This is amongst the cheapest and quickest to install garages. A steel garage can be built in the least time possible and doesn’t require many materials. The appearance, however, isn’t suitable nor appealing for many homeowners.

Timber Frame Garages

They fall under the list of prefab units, and you can get different qualities. When it comes to Timber Frame Garages, the price determines the quality level you will get. Here are approximations of the costs.

A single unit with a pitched roof can be installed in your home for £11,500. For £18,500, you get a double pitched roof unit.

What about Planning Permissions and Regulations?

Note that when building garages, you must have the required planning permissions and adhere to the garage building regulations. These regulations are as follows;

  • Balconies, verandas or any raised platforms should not be built on the garage
  • There should be no outbuildings situated in the front part of your house
  • The garages should only be one storey buildings with a height requirement not exceeding 3 metres
  • The garage shouldn’t cover more than half of the land around your main house

You should also know that there are no building regulations required for garages that are less than 15 square meters in size, and the room isn’t used to offer any form of accommodation. For those living in designated lands or listed properties, you must get full permission.

Is Building a Garage a Wise Investment?

This is a question many homeowners ask themselves before proceeding with the building process. The answer is simple. If you have got enough space in your home, then why not build a garage. Not only will it shelter your car and other tools, but it also increases the value of your property. At the same time, it adds beauty and elegance. The only reason that should stop you from building a garage is insufficient space.

If you are considering building any type of garage in your home, you need to work with a professional and reliable builder. We pride ourselves on being the best in the industry. Just fill in our contact form and wait for one of our representatives to contact you and give you a quote. In a week or two, your garage will be ready, and you can start enjoying the rewards of your investment.