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The Cost of Roof Cleaning & Free Quotes

Last Updated on January 01, 2020 By Dave

Roof cleaning is a crucial part of home maintenance and it is one of the most sought after service by homeowners. Unless you are quite skilled and experienced, you will likely want to hire a professional cleaner. The misconception surrounding roof cleaning is that it is an overpriced professional service. The truth of the matter is that most roof cleaning jobs are quite affordable. Aside from improving the curb appeal of your home, using a cleaning contractor to clean your house comes with other benefits. A professional roof cleaner can help restore your roof colour, remove corrosive residues from roof shingles, and expose areas of damage that require immediate repair. In this article, we will discuss the cost of cleaning your home, the duration it will take to clean your house, and how you can get the job done properly.

a roof is cleaned with a pressure washer

The process of roof cleaning

There are different methods that roof contractors can use to ensure your roof is thoroughly cleaned. For example, a professional roof cleaner can use a high pressure power washer to quickly clean your roof. This roof cleaning method can cause damage to your roof tiles which is why it is not a preferred option for many homeowners. Another method that is commonly used by professionals to clean a roof is by using brushes and scrapers to manually remove debris and dirt which have accumulated on the roof. It doesn’t matter which roof cleaning method you use, it is important you perform preparation job in advance. This includes allowing roof contractors to access your roof so that they can cover items which can be damaged. Once the contractor has finished cleaning your roof, the next thing they will do is spray chemical on the roof that prevent growth of moss.

Reasons to professionally clean your roof

If your roof has accumulated moss, dirt and mould over a long time, it can lead to roof damage in the long run. It goes without saying that algae build-up on your roof can be quite unsightly. During the early development stages, algae can be quite invisible. So, even if your roof seems to be fine, it is likely that it needs to be cleaned by a professional right away. Also, when your roof has algae buildup, it can retain heat which translates to more air conditioning cost. Experts suggest that you can save on energy bills by cleaning your roof after every 10 to 15 years. Some roof tiles are likely to deteriorate in case they are not cleaned over the next few years. But, probably the main reason of cleaning your roof is that it will enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home at an affordable price.

How to get quotes from a professional cleaning company

In case you want your roof to be professionally cleaned to the highest standard then the first thing you need to do is get a quote. It is possible to get more than one quote just before your roof is professionally cleaned. The benefit of getting more quotes is that you are likely to find one that suits your roof cleaning needs at a budget. For comparison purposes, it is recommended you try at least three different quotes. You can ask different roof contractors to provide you with quotes then you can choose the one that you can affordable.

The estimated cost of roof cleaning

The cost of cleaning your roof is affected by many factors. First, where you live will certainly have an impact on your roof cleaning cost. Location affects roof cleaning cost because if you live in coastal regions, it will take a lot to remove debris off your roof. Also, homeowners that live in London will have to pay more while acquiring the services of a roof cleaning contractor. If you choose a single tradesperson and you live in London, you can expect to pay between £350 and £550 for roof cleaning service. However, if you live in areas such as Midlands the approximate cost of roof cleaning is between £280 and £320 while up North is between £250 and £320. Second, the roof size whether it is large or small will affect the cost of roof. Third, the frequency of cleaning your roof can also affect the cost of cleaning your roof. You must clean your roof after every 1 to 2 years.

Other factors that affect the cost of roof cleaning include difficult access, type of roof, poor state of repair, the amount of moss and dirt which have accumulated with time, and method of roof cleaning used whether scraping or power washer.

Can roof cleaning be a Do It Yourself project?

If you are used to heights then Do It Yourself roof cleaning is not a difficult job. If you are a skilled cleaner, you can climb up your roof and clean away the moss and dirt that is available on your roof tiles. But, the fact that you have to climb up the roof and clean it yourself makes it better to hire a professional roof cleaner. Hiring a professional roof contractor to clean your roof is always a viable option because they use the right cleaning products and they can prevent breaking of delicate shingles or tiles. Also, most homeowners are scared of cleaning their roofs at heights and even if they can, the job will not be professionally done. DIY roof cleaning jobs can be quite risky because one mistake can result in falls, leading to injuries or death.

Hiring roof cleaning contractors instead of DIY is a wonderful option because these professionals are trained to work at heights. Also, they know the necessary precautionary measures to take to remain safe while cleaning the roof.

How to choose a roof cleaning company

You must work with accredited roof cleaning company to avoid being scammed. To ensure you don’t hire dodgy tradespeople, make sure you ask family, friends or colleagues for referrals. Also, search for reviews online before you accept any quote. Following these tips will help you hire a professional cleaner to ensure your roof is thoroughly cleaned.