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Bi-Fold Door Costs and Free Quotes

Last Updated on December 31, 2019 By Dave

bi folding doors for external and internal use

Bi-fold doors are the most popular aluminium doors, especially in the UK. They allow uninterrupted views as you can just slide them to stack on one side. Plus, their prices are affordable. Hence homeowners can easily install them. These doors offer an ultimate way of combining indoor and outdoor living.

But, just because bi-fold doors are a popular home improvement option, that doesn’t mean that they’ll be suitable for you. One has to make a few considerations before having this door installed in their house. That’s why we’ve written this guide to help you understand what bi-fold doors are, their costs, and whether they’re a worthwhile investment.

What Are Bi-fold Doors?

They are manufactured from uPVC or aluminium panels, which have been hinged together. They’re also called folding, room dividers, or bi-folding doors as they can fold both inwards and outwards to open up space. These doors are made from several panels, between 2-7, that fold against the wall. When you open these units, the door slides open while the panels slide along a rail and stack against the wall.

How Much Do Bi-fold Doors Cost?

Well, the exact price depends on several factors. However, below are approximate prices of the most common units.

uPVC Bi-fold doors:

  • 2.7 metres with three panels: £1450 - £1850. This cost can go up to £2750 when installation is included.
  • 4.7 metres with five panels: £2650 - £3150. Plus labor, these prices can go up to £4150.

Aluminium Bi-fold doors

  • 2.7 metres with three panels: £2150 - £2500, without installation. And £3050, including labour costs.
  • 4.7 metres with five panels: £3850 - £4150. Including labor costs, one can pay approximately £5150.

Aluminium and uPVC doors come in different styles and colours. However, aluminium units are slimmer hence will open further than uPVC doors.

Bi-fold Doors Advantages

These units, whether internal or external offer some significant benefits, including:

  • Ease of opening and closing them
  • They are energy efficient
  • Units are stylish and give uninterrupted outdoor views
  • Low maintenance and easy to clean
  • They allow more airflow inside your house during summer days
  • These units save space, plus they add value to a home
  • They come in a range of colours and styles

Installing a Bi-fold Door

This unit can be quickly installed in properties that have the same floor level both inside and outside since that provides a hassle-free integration between these areas. However, at times some interior changes may be needed to install this unit effectively. For instance, homeowners may need to relocate power points or radiator units so that these doors can be fully opened.

Installing this unit on your own can take time and is also challenging as it requires more than one person to install a bi-fold door. Therefore, you should have it fixed by experienced installation professionals. Although this is an added expense, these experts will ensure that your door is properly and efficiently installed. However, before hiring any installer, make sure that they are members of a professional organisation such as Fair Trades, Glass and Glazing (GFF), Certification and Self-Assessment (CERTASS), etc. These organisations permit self-certification of work compliance, hence ensuring that someone is well-trained for the job.

Note that after the installation, a building inspector should inspect it to ensure that it complies with building regulations. Buyers may avoid buying homes whose owners don’t have a completion certificate for the installation of a bi-fold door.

Bi-fold Doors VS Sliding Doors

Although they have some similarities, these two units are different. While sliding doors slide to one side, bi-folds open all the way. But, small homes that don’t have enough space to allow the folding functionality of a bi-fold door can benefit from a sliding door.

Sliding doors are generally affordable. However, in some cases, they may be more expensive than bi-fold units.

Do I Need Planning Permission?

Often homeowners don’t require planning permission to have bi-fold doors installed in their homes. But, individuals who live in listed properties, especially where the house is in a conservation area, should acquire planning permission. Again, if the property is classified as an Article 4 Directive, you’ll require approval. Individuals can apply for planning permission online or at local council offices.

How to Obtain Quotes for Bi-fold Doors

We often link customers with several reputable bi-fold installation companies once they submit our website contact form. We’ve carefully evaluated all these companies. Hence we’re convinced that they can offer high quality and affordable products/services.

Therefore, all you should do is fill and submit our website contact form and let’s link you with quotes from accredited installers.